Cleaning a Hot Tub

Hot tubs must be cleaned and maintained regularly to keep them sanitary and in good working order. Diligence in cleaning a hot tub should keep most problems at bay. Draining a spa is the first step in cleaning it. Before draining or cleaning a hot tub, always make sure that the power is disconnected. This is a necessary step to ensure your safety while cleaning your spa.

After the power is disconnected, you will need to drain the hot tub. Prefabricated spas are equipped with a drain valve, located at the bottom of the spa. Usually, a garden house can be connected to this valve so that the water can be emptied away from the spa.

The next step in cleaning a hot tub is to remove the cartridge filter. Cleaning the cartridge filter should be part of the routine every time the spa's water is changed. The cartridge should be removed from the filter bay and hosed off, from the top down. If the filter is extremely dirty, it may need to be soaked overnight in a cleaning solution. Once the cartridge filter is clean, replace it in the filter bay.

When the hot tub is completely drained, you will need to clean the shell. Do not use harsh or abrasive cleansers, and make sure that the cleanser is completely rinsed away. Next, a polish or wax can be applied to the spa's shell, and a cotton cloth can be used to buff the surface and make it shine.

After cleaning a hot tub, the drain valve can be closed and the tub refilled with fresh water. While you are filling the spa, the spa cover will need to be cleaned and conditioned. Always use a specially made cleaner and make sure to clean the underside of spa cover, using a disinfectant if necessary. The foam core of the spa's cover may need to be dried out.

home institute 1 After the spa has been cleaned, you will need to reconnect the power to the spa. Turn on the pumps and set the heater to the desired temperature. Next, the water will need to be balanced and the sanitizer level set. All of the chemicals necessary to do this are sold at hot tub dealers.

Finally, place the cover back on the spa, after the sanitizer level has dropped to a safe range. The cover should always be kept in place when the hot tub is not being used, to reduce the amount of energy that is used to keep the hot tub heated. By caring for your hot tub, you will extend its life as well as your enjoyment of it.

Written by Bronwyn Harris