Food Processor Buying Guide

Food processors are a staple of many modern kitchens. They are handy because of their versatility, and are used for many kitchen tasks from chopping to pureeing. There is a wide selection of food processors, which range from approximately $30 US Dollars (USD) to over $300 USD.

Some food processors are able to do the job of more than one appliance. For example, some multifunction models of food processor come with both a glass blender jar and a food processor container. These attachments can be switched, depending on which task needs to be performed. Other food processors come with a mini-bowl insert that is meant to go inside the food processor container when preparing a smaller amount of food.

When comparing food processors, make sure to pay attention to capacity. Food processors can hold between around 3 cups (672 ml) to 14 cups (3.14 L). The larger the food processor is, the easier it is to make large quantities, but the heavier and more expensive it tends to be. Mini-choppers are another option for cooks who usually make small quantities of food, as they take up less space in the kitchen.

There is not much need for too many speeds on a food processor. Many models have only two settings: "Pulse" and "On." Pulse allows the machine to run in brief bursts at a time. There are other models with additional speeds, but they do not tend to improve performance much.

Food processors come with different sizes of feed tubes. Feed tubes allow food to be fed into the processor without having to stop it to add ingredients. If the food processor has a narrower feed tube, many items will have to be cut up, while wider feed tubes can accommodate cucumbers, carrots, potatoes, and similar items without chopping them first.

test kitchen If you plan on using your food processor to knead dough, you may have to go for a high-end model. Cheaper food processors tend to be very loud while kneading dough, and their motors strain to do it. Many of the more expensive models have more power and are quieter when kneading dough.

Before you buy a food processor, check the warranty. It is ideal to have a warranty on both the bowl and the motor of the food processor. In addition, you will want to determine how easy it is to buy replacement parts, and which attachments are available for the particular model you choose.

Written by Bronwyn Harris