Introduction to Cushions

Cushions are an important source of comfort and decoration in the home. The right cushions can add a sense of coziness or elegance to a room, as well as providing a comfortable surface to rest against, sit on, or lie on. There are many different types of cushions in most homes.

Throw Pillows
Also known as toss pillows, throw pillows are typically small, decorative pillows. Throw pillows can be placed on armchairs and couches, often in a casual way, causing them to appear as if they were "thrown" or "tossed" lightly on the couch or chair. Many people use throw pillows to bring together the color scheme of a room, or add a specific look to an area. Throw pillows are also a great way to inexpensively add a seasonal theme to your room by changing them out according to the season or holiday.

Bolster Pillows
A bolster is another type of throw pillow that is usually cylindrical, but is occasionally a long narrow rectangle. In Western countries, bolster pillows are intended to either place behind a person's head or back as a support when sitting on a bed. In many Southeast Asian countries, they are intended to be hugged, or embraced, while sleeping, much like a body pillow. Decorative bolsters are usually cylindrical, and can be covered in velvet, silk, or satin, often with cords or tassels at the end.

Body Pillows
Body pillows are large pillows made to support the body during sleep. Some doctors and chiropractors recommend body pillows for people who wake up sore or aren't comfortable while they are in their beds. Body pillows are usually rectangular and about between five or six feet long, although size and shape can vary. Body pillows can be filled with a number of materials, such as down or memory foam. Pregnancy pillows are just one kind of specialized body pillow.

Steamer Cushions
Designed especially to fit on lounge or deck chairs, also known as "steamers," steamer cushions are cushions that are generally divided into a few segments so that they bend easily to fit on lounge chairs or deck chairs. Steamer cushions are usually a little less than 2 feet wide (61 cm) by about 6 feet long (180 cm), although the size can vary. Steamer cushions are usually filled with foam, and covered in canvas, plastic, or some other type of material, often weatherproof.

home institute 1 Bed Pillows
Bed pillows are available in a dizzying array of styles, fabrics, and fillings. They are usually rectangular, although they can be wedge shaped, as in the case of acid reflux relief pillows; contoured, as many orthopedic pillows are; or with a recessed center, as in the case of some neck support or orthopedic pillows. They can be filled with foam, down, buckwheat, memory foam, or polyester. The choice of a bed pillow is greatly dependent on personal taste.

Window Seat Cushions and Bench Cushions
Window seat cushions can be a comfortable addition to a window alcove area. Window seats are a popular place for reading, talking on the phone, or just resting. Bench cushions are similar, although usually longer and narrower than window seat cushions.

Pet Bed Cushions
For the furry friends in the house, pet bed cushions provide a luxurious sleeping surface. Dog and cat cushions usually have a zippered cover that can be removed for easy laundering. The size of the cushion depends on the size of the animal, and many pet owners have more than one pet cushion for different rooms or areas of the house and yard.

Written by Bronwyn Harris

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